Monday, April 7, 2014

Who wants to party?

Who doesn't love a good party? There's just something special about bringing people together and having a fabulous time. I have always been fond of shindigs, and even more fond of planning them. I just love the prep work. Making a list excites me. Planning the activities satisfies my desire to research. Decorating for the event is just enough to make my heart burst! So you can see then, that parties are my thing. But with all passions, there is always room for much improvement. I need to learn so much more about party planning, and I'm willing and able. It's almost overwhelming just to contemplate how I'm going to get my name out there, become familiar with vendors, and build up my clientele. However, I am determined. I'm ready for this adventure. Party on, Victoria

Sunday, April 6, 2014

A just because Party

I threw this party for some of my closest friends. My theme was "Sophisticated Spring Whimsy".
So this is the appetizer table. I forgot to snap a picture of this right before the party, so that's why some of the bowls are almost empty. Sorry!
For the main course, I decided to do a baked potato bar. The potatoes were cooked in my crock pots. There were really good.
These are the fixings for the baked potatoes.
Here is a view of my incomplete sweet table.
This is the finished product.
And these were the party favors; yummy crunch-a-munch popcorn for everyone! All in all, it was a lovely evening. I will take better pictures next time! Lots of love, Victoria